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I’ve got a real honest-to-goodness website being created as I type. Woohoo! But I have missed writing these posts for my eleven followers *grin* yup. That’s how many of you currently follow my blog. That’s totally more than a handful, which deserves another Woohoo!

I’m not even going to begin to try and describe the evening I’ve had. An emo collaboration has stemmed from it though, the video clip of which shall follow soon (I don’t know if that’s even remotely grammatically correct, but it sure sounds pretentious that line I just wrote!)

I thought I’d sweeten my mood with an upload :) here, a taster of my new song ‘Consequence of Rum’ © Sheer Music Publishing, 2012

What are you doing? Oh, hitting the cat door with a snorkel

*News update*

The EP is available to purchase online:

(If you want a hard copy, stockists: CPT - Mabu Vinyl; Jhb - Wolves, Love & Revolution, Aware, High Fidelity - Killarney)


The music video for Sweet Weather was playlisted on MK89 last week, and is this week No 10 in the Top 10 Charts.


The weekend was spent at The Harvest Festival in Tulbagh which was exceptional. Blues & folk music for real people. I finally get it. Wow. I feel so lucky to have been a part of it. 


March gig dates to be announced later in the week (for Jhb & PTA), whilst a coastal tour is in the offing for April - details to follow.


Sweet Weather - lyrics

You open the door, you’re got no shoes on

Your jeans a contrast to your skin & I am so turned on

You welcome me in, I’ve been out of the game so long

Don’t know where to begin, but I’ve been told this is wrong

Been told this is wrong.


So we’re talking ‘bout the weather

& whether my lover knows I’m here

Cause we’re crossing social boundaries & the punishment’s severe


Sitting ‘round the fire, I see you lean in

& I turn away cause my heart’s not mine to give away

You’re deliciously french yet you speak the same language as me

This is one of those times that I wish I was a little more free

I wish I was free


So we’re talking ‘bout the weather

& whether your wife knows that you’re here

Cause we’re crossing social boundaries & the punishment’s severe


Well long we’ve been friends but over the side of a boat

You kissed me hello & the chances of staying just friends seems remote

I’ll keep it inside, I’m not looking for trouble

But there’s a mounting urge to cross that line, to fall to fall to tumble

to fall to tumble


So we’re talking ‘bout the weather

& whether our friends know that we’re here

Cause we’re crossing social boundaries & the punishment’s severe

The music video for Sweet Weather, from Shotgun Tori’s debut EP ‘Are We Fine Yet?’

I should I should I should…

… be in the shower. Yup. I’m running late and I’m blogging instead of showering. Oi. This is possibly the reason I haven’t written in something ridiculous like 4 months.

I’ve been on a national tour (7 weeks baby!), put myself dangerously into debt, released my EP, and a music video. All of which I will share (well, all besides the debt!) in the next couple of days.

Just wanted to say, ‘Hi, I’m not dead.’


Folked Up Sessions filmed me a little while ago in Johannesburg. It was a really fun morning, and this was a section of what they captured. ‘Game Changer’

The Run Up

Yup, we’ve reached that part of the year - the run up to the end of it. Only 100 days left! Now, the fact that I counted them might appear odd, but bear in mind that I’ve only done 63 of the 100 shows on my to do list for 2011. 

In other news, my debut EP is due to go into Post Production after the last backing vocals are laid down tomorrow night (by the super cool / honey-tongued vocalist Steve Rusznyak); also, plans for a december coastal tour with Gil Hockman are well under way - dates to follow soon(ish) - which is so flippen’ exciting.

In the meantime though, White Mountain Folk Festival is next weekend & I CAN’T WAIT! Get your tickets and take a drive into the mountains - it’s an amazing festival that one there :) Ooooh & also, James Botes will be joining be on bass & Jo King on percussion - for a nice little change. 

September Gigs:

* Opening for Jesse Clegg @ Tanz Cafe - Saturday 24th Sept

* Late Night Jam @ Wits - Monday 26th Sept

* White Mountain Folk Festival - Fri 30th Sept (4pm) - other artists include: Josie Field, Naming James, Nate Maingard, Guy Buttery, aKing & more. Awesome line-up!

I was lucky enough to be flown to the bush last weekend for a timeout - I took this pic late one afternoon. I’m so grateful to live in this gorgeous country.

Spring blossoms over dustbins
This is how I feel most the time.

Summer in the City

Johannesburg (despite it’s rather nasty reputation) is a wonderful, bustling metropolis, filled with fun, warm & open-hearted people. Yesterday showed a tiny glimpse of what summer has in store for anyone in around the city.

The Neighbourgoods Market launched at 73 Juta Street, Braamfontein.

And then Gil Hockman & I played outside Aware - my favourite local record store on Juta Street. What an awesome afternoon.

Bring on summer baby!